This unit was in a very bad condition when we arrived, you could not enter the property without a Mask due to ODOUR that occurred from the kitchen as there was out of date foods and cat droppings everywhere throughout the unit.
What was done in the home:
  • Sorted throughout the bedroom items and furniture (set up the room to a living condition made the bed with fresh sheets
  • Cleaning of all internal windows (internal and external sliding door included)
  • Cleaning of balcony which had all unwanted items that needed to be thrown out
  • Kitchen was filled with all out of date foods and rubbish everywhere, rubbish and all out of date foods were disposed. All utensils pots and pans cups plates were all disinfected and cleaned due to airborne disease in the unit.
  • Living area was filled with all rubbish and cigarette buts ( the living area was disinfected, dusted . furniture was moved cleaned behind and put back
  • The bathroom was covered in mould and rubbish everywhere. ( we cleaned the bathroom internal and external removing all rubbish and unwanted items
  • The laundry was infested with cockroaches ( we removed all cockroaches, disinfected it 
  • The floors were disinfected and vacuumed
  • Floors were mopped throughout 
  • Also arranged for the client to get a new toilet seat due to the one that was being used was in a bad state
End Result
This unit was in a bad condition when we walked in, however the outcome was incredible the client didn’t realise how big the unit was until we decluttered it for him with removing all unwanted items and old furniture that could not be used any longer.

Note - The following images illustrate just a few aspects of this particular project. All images have been carefully selected and edited to protect our clients privacy. We never show pictures of clients premises from the outside or mention the street address of the premises. We never use photos of clients or other images that may compromise privacy.


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