We were contact by a family member who was extremely upset about the passing of his mother. This home was in a very bad state and had not been cleaned in over 6 years. We were told to give the home a good clean so that he could live in it before it was put up for sale. Usually in a deceased estate clean we REMOVE ALL FURNITURE AND ITEMS from the home however this client did not want that. We were happy to give him the hand he needed.
What was done in the home:
  • Cleaning of kitchen internal and external including the pantry which had out of date foods that needed to be thrown out immediately ( ALL UTENSILS AND POTS were cleaned and put back into the cupboards once they were clean)
  • REMOVAL of ALL unwanted rubbish and items which no longer could be used or donated to a charity
  • Dusting throughout the home 
  • Disinfecting of ENTIRE home
  • Cleaning of the bathroom internal and external (removal of all unwanted rubbish and items)
  • Internal and external cleaning of windows including sliding door and the tracks and window frames.
  • Sorting throughout all items and clothing 
  • Cleaning of living areas all furniture moved and cleaned and disinfected before putting back into its original spot.
  • Bedrooms were dusted and cleaned throughout, including cupboards / mirrors/ removal of cob webs and spiders 
  • ALL items in Laundry were thrown out due to Mice invasion and moulded clothing and odours
  • Vacuuming of floors
  • Disinfecting of floors
  • Steam cleaning of carpet 
  • Mopping off floors
  • Organised skip bins
End Result
Our client was very happy that we took the burden of his shoulders, the home needed that clean. Overall the home now is back to its living condition. The client’s words were “feels like a new house”.
The client was also happy that we located property that they could not find.
Some of the furniture that the client did not want was donated to different charity’s 

Note - The following images illustrate just a few aspects of this particular project. All images have been carefully selected and edited to protect our clients privacy. We never show pictures of clients premises from the outside or mention the street address of the premises. We never use photos of clients or other images that may compromise privacy.


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