We were contacted by a family member to provide a quotation and assessment of the home. Unfortunately, they had just lost a family member. The home had not been cleaned in a long time due to the owner having a sickness and as a result, they stopped cleaning for some time. We were asked to remove ALL rubbish but to keep the furniture if it was in a good state. The property was in preparation for being sold.  
What was done in the home:
  • Removal of Odour 
  • Disinfecting the entire home
  • Removal of ALL RUBBISH throughout the home
  • Cleaning of kitchen internal and external 
  • Cleaning of oven internal and external
  • Cleaning of fridge 
  • Cleaning of bedrooms, making of beds, sorting through clothing and valuable items for the family and friends left behind
  • Removal of cobwebs throughout the entire home
  • Cleaning of Mould on walls / Removal of tobacco stains on walls
  • Cleaning of internal and external windows and removal of spiders and cobwebs
  • Cleaning of laundry which we could not enter at the beginning due to moulded clothing on the floor 
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Moving of furniture ( cleaning behind and putting back in its place)
  • Mopping and disinfecting floors
  • Arranged skip bins 
  • REMOVAL of ALL unwanted furniture 
  • Sorting through items for the client
  • Arrangement of plumber to fix items in home
  • Arrangement of carpenter to fix doors
End Result
Usually with DECEASED ESTATE CLEANS we remove EVERYTHING from the home and sort through it for the client. Due to clients want the house to be empty for sale, however, this client wanted to keep the furniture in for the Real estate agents’ photos. Overall the home was back to its living state it is air born disease free and also ready for the real estate agent to put up for sale.
The client was very happy with our service and also extremely happy that we were happy to wait for our Payment till the home is sold ( contract in place)

Note - The following images illustrate just a few aspects of this particular project. All images have been carefully selected and edited to protect our clients privacy. We never show pictures of clients premises from the outside or mention the street address of the premises. We never use photos of clients or other images that may compromise privacy.


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