Frequently Asked Questions

How do we organise a quotation?

To organise a quotation simply contact us via the contact form and provide your full name, phone number and some details about the proposed job. We will reply ASAP. You can also contact us by phone if you have a more general enquiry.

Can you dispose of everything as we want everything gone?

Yes we can certainly dispose of the entire contents of the premises if required. Items that can be recycled or donated to charities should be considered but it's not essential.

We don't live in Sydney, can you do everything without us being there?

Yes no problem at all. You simply provide us permission to have access to the property and provide us the key and we can do the rest. 

We are worried about entering the premises, can you help?

Yes of course. Some hoarder and squalor premises are so dangerous we don't advise family enter the premises due to biohazard conditions. We are fully equipped to safely enter the premises and provide you with an assessment of the premises and a quotation for cleanup. 

Do you clean up the yard as well as inside the house?

Yes we can clean up anything and everything and this includes the dwelling, yards, sheds or adjoining buildings. We work closely with local gardeners and can restore your  

How much does hoarder cleanup cost?

Our rates are very competitive but it's impossible to give a price without seeing the job first. Every job is different. We provide you with a very detailed quotation which outlines all the costs involved in the cleanup. Please get in touch with us today to arrange a quotation.

We wan't to be discrete about the cleanup is this OK?

We totally respect the clients wishes to be discrete. This is no problem at all. We understand the sensitive and emotional situation surrounding any hoarder cleanup operation. 

Can we pay you after the property is sold?

Yes no problem at all. We offer a "Cleaup Now Pay Later" option for all our clients that intend to sell the property after it's been cleaned up. We simply liaise with your Solicitor or Conveyancer to arrange the payment plan. (condition apply)


Hoarding Help & Treatment 

What is hoarding? Compulsive hoarding is probably going to be classified a disorder, separate from OCD, in the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM V). The diagnostic criteria include :  The hoarder has ongoing difficulty throwing out or parting with possessions, even if they are useless or of limited value.  The sufferer has … Continue reading