This home had not been cleaned in over six years. The home was infested with cockroaches and air born disease alongside with Fleas from the animals.  The social worker informed us that the client had a mental illness and did not know how to maintain the home.
What was done in the home:
  • Removal of rubbish throughout the entire home
  • Disinfecting the entire home
  • Cleaning of Bathroom/ Removal of mould 
  • Removal of cockroaches
  • Cleaning of kitchen internal and external ( The kitchen cupboards were full of LIVE and DEAD cockroaches) we needed to remove all Utensils disinfect and clean them and put them back after cleaning out the cupboards.
  • Cleaning of bedrooms removing all old moulded clothing ( sorting throughout paperwork, clothing & other items)
  • Removal of cobwebs throughout the entire home
  • Cleaning of Mould on walls 
  • Cleaning of internal and external windows and removal of spiders and cobwebs
  • Cleaning of laundry which we could not enter at the beginning  due to moulded clothing on the floor 
  • Vacuuming floors
  • Steam cleaning of carpet 
  • Mopping and disinfecting floors
  • Arranged skip bins 
End Result
The property is now back to a living state where the owner can now walk freely without walking on rubbish, can breathe easier with the removal of all the dust & air born disease. The Owner was very happy with the outcome as we did NOT throw out anything valuable to her.

Note - The following images illustrate just a few aspects of this particular project. All images have been carefully selected and edited to protect our clients privacy. We never show pictures of clients premises from the outside or mention the street address of the premises. We never use photos of clients or other images that may compromise privacy.


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